With this new project I want to delve deeper into the nature and history of the Fey which were first introduced in the story 'The Frost'.(See Add-Ons section) I want to explore their culture and tribes, the way they live and what they represent.
I welcome you to our first crowdfunding(CF) campaign on My Mini Factory.(MMF) Although different from the platform we normally run our gig on, MMF have bent over backwards to accommodate us. I have been working closely with MMF who are doing everything in their power to make The League of Backers, you our friends, welcome to this new environment. MMF is building a 3D printing community which promises great dividends for the future of this hobby.
As usual, I hope you will all join me in the comments section along with your best suggestions on the direction you want this campaign to take. I look forward to discussing the project with all of you and seeing where you guys/gals take this adventure.
After 'The Frost' ravaged the lands with unimaginable cold, the undead blight ensued. Our elven heroes gave all to help defend the northern pass and returned to their homeland as heroes. Their motherland, the kingdom of Feywood is home to the first tribes of the elves. They are closer to nature than their elven kin that call themselves high and live in towers, they are origin, they are Fey.
The Fey are an important part of the environmental mechanism that is the green belt, a forest that covers a huge expanse of the continent. Some call it the green sea as it is unfathomable and dangerous as the deep oceans themselves. Accompany me through this adventure and learn more about the Fey, their culture, their enemies and worst fears. Dare you venture into these exotic and dangerous lands? Beware, the woods are wild.

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The Frost All-In
This set includes all the models in the project: Miniatures and Terrain Core sets, Grab Bag and Unlocked Stretch Goals.
Price: $55.
Desert Adventures All-In
This set includes all the models in the project: Miniatures and Terrain Core sets, Grab Bag and Unlocked Stretch Goals.
Price: $49.
Asian Adventures All-In
This set includes all the models in the project: Miniatures and Terrain Core sets, Grab Bag and Unlocked Stretch Goals.
Price: $49.
City Of Sands
includes: The Jazmin Tower, The Market Tower, Market set and Dark Set.
Price: $35.
Gladiator All-In
This set includes all the models in the project: Miniatures and Terrain Core sets, Grab Bag and Unlocked Stretch Goals.
Price: $35.
With a long list of successful projects under our belt, we are well versed with crowdfunder ways and envisage an epic campaign ahead. Further to this we have collaborated with dozens of projects during these last four years. Providing models all round to community members, taking part in some of the most popular campaigns offered in Digital format.

All Core models have already been created and will be delivered directly after the Campaign ends. So no waiting more than necessary for your core files. All Stretch Goals have also been completed, but need to be tested and will be available shortly after that.

DIGITAL MEDIA: We strive to produce models that will print with as little support and parts as possible. Some models print in one go whilst most are split up into parts which must be printed separately and then assembled.

The file format of choice will be .STL and the models shall be zipped and made available to the user for download. The user is responsible for downloading their product and must have a valid internet connection and email with which to collect their reward, via internet download. We will keep the files on our system for at least three months after the first date of issue. The user must ensure that he collects the files within this time frame or risk forfeit. Lovecraft will always try their utmost to ensure that you receive your files and we hope that you enjoy printing them as much as we have enjoyed creating them. If there are any issues please contact support@i-lovecraft.com

Backers must realize that the resolution you obtain on your print is down to the system you use. Our high resolution files will give you almost render quality prints on high end Resin machines, whilst the same files will produce lesser resolution prints on standard FDM printers. At any rate, the files have been previously tested on Resin and FDM printers and have shown satisfactory production.

We recommend FDM Prints with at least a 400micron nozzle and 150 micron layer height for terrain. A 120 micron layer height will give you outstanding prints all round.

Resin printers should have no problems obtaining excellent resolution and finish, even at 100 micron layer height although 50 micron layer height is recommended for minute sculpt detail clarity. Although miniatures and figurines can be split into smaller parts, large terrain pieces will require a standard 220x220mm print bed, standard for FDM Printers like the 'Ender3'. We do try to restrict the maximum size of models to 180mm sq where possible.

We supply the user with a design that has been tested on conventional home hobby printers and is proven to print. All the models are tested and sliced with 'Cura' software which is freeware and available to all backers for use. We recommend that backers use 'Cura' as it is fully tested with our models and we can offer customer support, if any problems are encountered. We are unable to give customer support for other slicing software and backers use this at their own risk.

All the files have been checked using Netfab, this means that PrusaSlicer should have no problems slicing these files. Many of the files are also tested using PrusaSlicer.

When using our digital media, we do not hold ourselves responsible for the production or manufacturing process of the design, this is exclusively up to the user.

Users may modify models and files at their own risk and only for their own personal use. Modified files are not guaranteed by us and as such, users do this under their own risk and know how.

The Images shown on the campaign page are just for visualization and although they may come very close, they may not be an exact representation of the final design or printed model, which may vary.

We reserve the right to alter any of the models shown, at any time, before delivery, with the intent of improving the design, or efficiency of production.